Trash Talker

TrashTalker is a handy and entertaining application that gives you a sound board for the macOS speech synthesis engine. Many voices are pre-installed with macOS and therefore automatically available through TrashTalker.

TrashTalker is the latest rendition of application formerly known as STP. This application has been enjoyed through the years by DJs that incorporate it in their shows, by kids calling their friends and other folks too.

  • Custom text boxes can now be saved and thus are automatically pre-loaded when TrashTalker starts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow rapid triggering of custom text entry speech.
  • The random phrase list can be edited, saved, exported and imported (added by request of DJ users).
  • Speech rate can be adjusted from insanely slow to pointlessly-fast.

Savvy users who install voice profiles in to macOS’s engine, can also use them in TrashTalker. TrashTalker will dynamically offer all voices the macOS speech synthesis engine has installed.

This app has been rebuilt in 2017 to retain macOS 10.7 support, including both 32bit and 64bit functionality.


If you require assistance with the TrashTalker, you may contact:
[trashtalker] @ [magelabs] . [ca]


TrashTalker is a ground-up remake of the original Shit Talker by Jaundice. We’ve tried to stay close to the original app’s feature set, shifting the tone to be slightly more friendly, while adding a little functionality with the DJ crowd in mind.